Welcome to the gref-ip.de GNSS Streaming Server

Protocol: NTRIP 2.0

This server is gref-ip.de, running on Port 80 and 2101 (http) and on Port 443 (https), operated by BKG, the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy.

Details about GNSS observations streams on the gref-ip.de Ntrip Broadcaster are available through

For receiving GNSS observations streams via NTRIP in real-time you may use the BKG Ntrip Client (BNC). This is a multi-stream Ntrip Client program designed to run on a PC or Laptop. It retrieves data from any NTRIP supporting Broadcaster. The program handles the HTTP communication and can transfer received GNSS data to a Serial or IP port to feed your application.

Data streams on the @SERNAME@ Ntrip Broadcaster are protected. Authorization may be provided on request. Contact gref-ip@bkg.bund.de for an account.

For more information visit

Or contact gref-ip@bkg.bund.de.

The BKG is responsible today for operating the gref-ip.de Broadcaster. It disclaims any liability and responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the use and application of the NTRIP technology.